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For the power of building sustainable society

To make the world sustainable, we need to resolve individual problems such as global warming that cannot be resolved by one country or one specialized field.

Under such circumstances, a suggestion from Japan triggered international movements called “decade of education for sustainable development (ESD)” by the initiatives of the UN since 2005. ESD comprehensively covers the concept of the environment, development, human rights and other learnings which used to be separated among multiple social educational fields.

The non-profit organization Korekarano Manabi Network was organized to suggest mechanisms for sustainable society by planning and running “people development” programs which are mostly based on “learning” suggested in ESD. It runs projects in cooperation with various sectors such as governments, schools, and businesses.

The keyword is “participation-based experience”

We believe that relationships among people and their growth can still exert great power on the society if we run operations through participation-based experiences rather than so-called “top-down style” in regions and all organizations such as businesses and schools. The word, “participation-based experience” is widely known, but we think its methods are still not promulgated enough. Proposals for systems to make the methods of participation-based experience applicable to many regions and organizations, and learning programs of participation-based experiences which have been implemented in various fields of social education need to be revised as programs which can manifest higher effects.

Such learning network aims to maximize possibilities of the participation-based experience programs and contribute to local societies.

Overview of the organization

  • Name: Non-profit organization, Korekarano Manabi Network
  • Location: Kimura Building 1F, 11-19 Shinguen, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima
  • URL:
  • Foundation: in 2008
  • Three board members, one auditor, and 12 members

Non-profit organization Korekarano Manabi Network is a professional educational group mostly consisting of business owners in Hiroshima. We plan and offer “Let’s become a peace creator workshop” mostly with our staff who have the experiences of running many programs for students around the country. Please feel free to contact us for details of the workshop and our operations.

Staff members

Hiroki Kono, representative/director

Kono is a facilitator of environmental education, and learning based on participation-based experience. He specializes in the development of CSR programs, implementation of instructor training workshops, and the production of teaching materials. He has worked in many educational traveling programs. Representative director of KOREMANA. Born in Hiroshima.

Seiji Horie, director

Horie specializes in participation-based education such as adventure education which provides training to build relationships among people. He plans and runs many projects such as programs which target from children to adults, and instructor training workshops. 
Director of KOREMANA. Born in Hiroshima.

Junpei Hirao, director

Hirao worked as a manager of ODA overseas human resource development projects. He now runs a citizens’ action organization and the like which aim to build sustainable society. 
Director of KOREMANA. Born in Hiroshima.

Takuo Yoshimoto, director

Yoshimoto works as a representative director of Kids NPO. He now runs Nursery schools and child care support facilitys. He specializes many outdoor activities such as forest kindergarten, tree climbing, canoeing. 
Director of KOREMANA. Born in Hiroshima.

Advisory staff

  • Masako Shige, representative director of the Japan Council on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD-J)
  • Shuichi Nakayama, professor emeritus of Hiroshima University
  • Naoki Horita, Japan Overseas Cooperative Association